I was provided with the first storyboard from the agency. I put forward my suggestions and then did a lot of going back and forth with them until we were both happy with it.

Both the agency and I wanted to make the adjustments necessary to give the client what they wanted, leaving room to maneuver as far as animation was concerned.

Each scene had to contribute with something that would help explain the general idea of each spot. We used many secondary characters, as they were the ones to show how important the main characters were. Their facial expressions were prioritized over motion when it came to designing the storyboard.

A lot of researching took place to familiarize with the costumes and mood of the three different times of history we were talking about.


This is the first series of spots commissioned by BENT Image Lab since we started working together a few months ago. The client was "Al Balad", a newspaper from Lebanon. 

Al Balad is a light-hearted local newspaper that covers a lot of subjects of general knowledge. They recently decided to produce a smaller copy, much more practical than a normal-sized newspaper, but still covering all fields of information.

The basic idea for the advertisement was to let the daily reader know that, no matter it´s small size, Al Balad is still a grand source of information. The main idea was to have three big personalities of history, whose actions had changed the world... but where short in height themselves.

Beethoven, Napoleon and Gandhi were now to come back to life as animated characters.


Scale models of every object required by the script were built following some very precise sketches.

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by Carlos Lascano


Both the characters and the background elements such as balconies, tables, binoculars and many other small details were built in cardboard and paper to be photographed and processed digitally, and be later used for both the spots and the prints.

This helped bringing depth to the objects, and contributed with the organic look I´m always after.

The characters were divided into parts and photographed over a green background.


March, 2009