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OPEN CALL FOR MUSICIANS! (para la versión en español, leer más abajo)


After a few months working on my next short film, I am finally in the postproduction phase! The moment to work on the music has finally come.

I am looking for a musician interested in collaborating by composing the original music for the film.

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‘A Shadow of Blue’ comes to light!

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Well, it’s been a long time since the last time I posted here. I would normally say “I have no excuses,” but truth is, I actually do!

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NEW SHORT FILM: Shooting the silhouettes.

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A part of the story is carried on through shadows. For both a reference and an actual part of the animation, I needed to shoot the silhouette of a real person. My producer organized a casting in Madrid, looking for somebody whose body would resemble the one of the main character, and who would have enough grace as to provide a compelling silhouette performance.

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NEW SHORT FILM: Building the scale models

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Here I leave you with a quick post to show you some photos of the scale models my team and I have been building for the short film. They are mainly made of cardboard, paper, wire, wood and plaster, all handmade and hand-painted. True craftsmanship!

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NEW SHORT FILM: Designing the characters and the environment

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In the long process of materializing a story, there are two important things to think about: what are the characters that live the story like, and how are the environments they are in.

Before the main character had the face she has today, I went through dozens of other designs. I must admit I’m a bit self-demanding…

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